Live like a KING!

Nestled deep in the vast and sweeping fields of Bahawalpur, the Arabian Lodges conveniently caters to your needs with royalty and the luxurious yet comfortable rooms add to this effect. An amalgam of the everlasting generosity of the Arabs and the fragrance of Bakhoor, the Arabian Lodges offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Far away from the chaos and noise of the city and on the shore of the canal, the Lodges allows you to experience the mystical and timeless beauty of the Nawab's state.

In this magnificent setting, time stands still, worries fade away, and stress gives way to calm.

  • Private Dinner
  • BBQ / Bonfire
  • Outdoor tents
  • Corporate Gathering
  • Social Gathering
  • Family Reunion
  • Wedding Night
  • Wedding & Engagement


Bahawalpur was a princely state of British India and later, Pakistan, that existed from 1802 to 1955. It was a part of Punjab States Agency. The state covered an area of 45,911 km² (17,494 sq mi) and had a population of 1,341,209 in 1941. The capital of the state was the town of Bahawalpur.

Bahawalpur state was founded in 1802 by Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi after the breakup of the Durrani Empire. His successor was Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi III. On 22 February 1833, Abbasi III entered into subsidiary alliance with the British by which Bahawalpur was admitted as a princely state of British India. When India became independent of British rule in 1947 and partitioned into two states, India and Pakistan, Bahawalpur joined the Dominion of Pakistan. Bahawalpur remained an autonomous entity till 14 October 1955 when it was merged with the province of West Pakistan.

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